Spotify genres, Chris Greenwood Spotify course, Mixer Mixer reminder. (Originally sent 9/25/23)

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We had a tremendous mixer mixer last month. In addition to sharing mixes, we drilled down on genres. Specifically Spotify genres for mixer mixer participants. Why is this important? Because if you know your Spotify genre then you can target your ads for YOUR music to the fans of the biggest artists in YOUR genre. The crazy thing is that Spotify has over 6000 genres. So I showed those that attended how we can find out what your Spotify genre is and what artists are big in your specific genre.

For instance, many of you know that I do a lot of work with my daughter's Classical Crossover string quartet group ATLYS. In Spotify their genre isn't Classical Crossover, it is actually Bow Pop. Who knew! But finding this information out helped us target our ads more effectively on Spotify and this, in turn, drives fans and revenue.

I was blessed to take some Spotify courses with Chris Greenwood. His artist name is Manafest. During the course he showed us his Spotify account and he was making around $20,000 per month with one million listeners. That's a lot of money but, then again, he has quite an organization and needs to be making that amount of money to sustain it. How much would encourage you and help you sustain your music production dreams? Do you have a number in mind? Have you thought about this?

If this is something that interests you and you would like to make some money with your music, then I would suggest you get Chris Greenwoods book called “Spotify Profits.” It's new and super practical and it will really help you wrap your head around Spotify and how Spotify works. It'll be the best $14 you ever spent. Here's the link on Amazon:

Let's talk about this some more at the mixer mixer tomorrow. I'm going to be starting a music branding and marketing course called Band Builder Academy with ATLYS and some of our mixer mixer artists. It was developed by Todd McCarty. He broke the Plain White T's, among other artists. This may interest you. It may not. But regardless, we'll have a blast listening to each others mixes and songs.

I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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