DIY Musician follow-up and invite to Mixer Mixer! (Originally sent 9/7/22)


I want to thank you again for attending my DIY Musician workshops. I just had a blast and I hope you did too. As I mentioned in class, it was a needed distraction for me while my grandson was recovering from open heart surgery. I wanted to let you know that little Gordy has recovered magnificently! He was able to go home one week after surgery and you couldn't tell he had had surgery! He didn't seem to be in any pain and he was just being a perfect little baby!

I hope you received a copy of my slides from the workshops as well as those from the other presenters. Let me know if you did not. I still intend to send you updated information which will include links to great videos and articles that have really helped me in my mixing and recording journey.

I've sent this email out a little later than I wanted to because I was trying to get it in blog forms so that we could have comments underneath and questions could be answered, that kind of thing. I'm still working out the details with my provider and I thought I better just send out an email. Go ahead and email me if you have any questions.

I also wanted to remind you about the Mixer Mixer meetings that I will be running the 4th Tuesday of the month at 730pm at the studio. We can share recordings and mixes in a nurturing environment. I plan to share the the new ATLYS single I'm working on right now! If you have nothing to share then you can listen and learn from others that do. I want this to be a safe, encouraging, place for you to grow your skills. Like Warren Huart said in the video I showed you, all of our first projects are not that great. Don't be worried that your work is not good enough to share. We understand and applaud you for taking first steps. Recording is a craft. Your skill develops the more you record. If you remember to keep it fun it's an awesome journey!!

All the best,


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